Horizon Exim

In the ever-expanding global market, the import-export business of vegetables and fruits has become a thriving avenue for both seasoned entrepreneurs and budding adventurers. Our venture thrives at the heart of this agricultural symphony, connecting lush fields to kitchens around the world.

At the core of our enterprise lies a passion for bringing the finest, freshest produce to your doorstep, no matter where you are. We traverse the globe, meticulously curating a vibrant mosaic of flavors and colors, from the crisp crunch of apples to the sun-kissed sweetness of tropical mangoes. Our dedication to quality, freshness, and timely delivery is unparalleled.


Who We Are

Unlock Fresh Flavors Across Borders: Nurturing Nature's Bounty through Global Trade in Vibrant Veggies and Juicy Fruits.

Our Vision

Our vision in the import-export of fresh vegetables and fruits is to foster global food accessibility and sustainability through premium-quality produce.

Our Mission

Our mission as an import-export business specializing in vegetables and fruits is to connect global markets with fresh and high-quality produce.

Our Key Divisions

Global produce trade leaders in fresh vegetables and fruits

Quality & Safety

Our workforce possesses a wide range of in-house skills and includes commercial executives, import-export specialists, marketing and sales management, business development management, warehouse and logistics staff. BeFresh embraces and promotes innovative, responsible farming and business practices.


High-quality standards drive our import-export of fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring safety, freshness, and compliance with international regulations for premium produce worldwide.

Health & Well-Being

Embarking on an export business journey not only expands your horizons but also nurtures your health and well-being. In the fast-paced world of global trade, every step you take becomes a stride towards a healthier, more prosperous life. The excitement of exploring new markets, cultivating international relationships, and reaping the rewards of your efforts infuses vitality into your daily existence.