Rice IR64

  • 1. IR64 Rice: Premium quality for export.
    2. Long-grain: Ideal for diverse dishes.
    3. Aromatic: Captivating fragrance.
    4. Non-GMO: Natural and healthy.
    5. Well-milled: Minimal broken grains.
    6. High yield: Excellent value for money.
    7. SGS certified: Meets international standards.
    8. Packaging: Customizable to your needs.
    9. Bulk availability: Consistent supply.
    10. Competitive pricing: Cost-effective choice.
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    Rice IR64, the golden grain of abundance, is the key to unlocking the world of international trade. With its impeccable quality, unmatched flavor, and remarkable versatility, this variety of rice has become a global favorite. Known for its long, slender grains and superior cooking properties, Rice IR64 is the epitome of perfection.

    Our Rice IR64 is a product of exceptional care and expertise. Grown in the lush fields of our trusted farmers, it undergoes stringent quality checks to meet the highest international standards. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that every grain not only nourishes but also protects our planet.

    Embrace the future of food exports with Rice IR64 – a commodity that transcends borders, enriches palates, and elevates your business. Whether you’re seeking to expand your global reach or provide your customers with a taste of excellence, Rice IR64 is the choice that bridges cultures and flavors.

    In a world where quality matters, Rice IR64 is the passport to prosperity. Join the legacy of exporters who trust in the premium quality and international appeal of this extraordinary rice. Don’t just sell rice; export an experience with Rice IR64.


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