Maida is a finely milled wheat flour commonly used in Indian cuisine. It’s made from the starchy white interior of the wheat kernel, also known as the endosperm. Maida has a very fine texture and a neutral flavor, making it ideal for a variety of dishes like rotis, puris, naan, and even pastries.

  • Made from the endosperm of wheat, resulting in a fine, smooth texture. This fine texture makes maida ideal for creating delicate and flaky flatbreads like rotis and puris.
  • Neutral flavor, making it versatile for various sweet and savory dishes. The mild flavor of maida allows the other ingredients in your recipe to shine through, whether you’re making savory samosas or sweet desserts like jalebis.
  • Ideal for creating soft, flaky rotis, puris, and naan breads. Due to its high gluten content and fine texture, maida is perfect for achieving the characteristic layers and puffiness of these popular Indian breads.
  • Can also be used for pastries and desserts that require a delicate crumb. Maida’s ability to produce a fine and tender crumb makes it suitable for creating melt-in-your-mouth pastries and cookies.


Horizon Exim Maida Product Specification

Attribute Specification
Product Name Maida
Brand Horizon Exim
Type Refined Wheat Flour
Grain Wheat
Color Bright White
Protein Content (min) **[To be filled by Horizon Exim]**
Ash Content (max) **[To be filled by Horizon Exim]**
Moisture Content (max) **[To be filled by Horizon Exim]**
Gluten Content (min) **[To be filled by Horizon Exim]**
Granule Size Fine
Packing **[To be filled by Horizon Exim (e.g., 1kg bags, 5kg bags, etc.)]**
Shelf Life **[To be filled by Horizon Exim]**
Storage Conditions Cool, dry place