Ginger is a versatile and flavorful root used extensively in cooking and traditional medicine. Its pungent, slightly sweet flavor comes from a natural oil called gingerol. A widely used ingredient in many cuisines around the world, ginger brings a distinct taste to Asian, Indian, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern dishes. Beyond its culinary applications, ginger has a long history of use in traditional medicine, believed to be effective in relieving nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness.

  • Rich, Pungent, and Slightly Sweet Flavor: Ginger’s unique flavor profile adds complexity to sweet and savory dishes.
  • High in Antioxidants and Essential Oils: Ginger boasts a wealth of antioxidants and essential oils, potentially contributing to its health benefits.
  • Available in Fresh, Dried, Ground, and Pickled Forms: Enjoy ginger’s versatility in various forms to suit your culinary needs.
  • Widely Used in Cooking and Traditional Medicine: A staple ingredient and natural remedy, ginger offers a range of uses.

Ginger Product Specification

Product Ginger
Origin Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra, India
Variety (Specify the variety of ginger offered, e.g., Calcutta Ginger, Cochin Ginger)
Harvest Season (Specify the harvest season for the ginger)
Grades (Specify the available grades of ginger, e.g., Bold, Medium, Small)
Size (Average) (Specify the average size of the ginger)
Maturity Mature
Color Natural golden yellow
Skin Thin, smooth skin
Flavor Pungent, slightly sweet
Aroma Strong, characteristic ginger aroma
Moisture Content (Specify the maximum moisture content)
Foreign Matter (Specify the maximum percentage of foreign matter allowed)
Defects Free from mold, damage, and excessive decay
Packing (Specify the available packing options, e.g.,
– Jute Mesh Bags (20kg, 25kg)
– Plastic Mesh Bags (10kg, 20kg)
– Carton Boxes (10kg, 20kg)
Storage Conditions Cool, dry, and well-ventilated place
Shelf Life (Specify the shelf life under proper storage conditions)