Frozen Kassava is a convenient and versatile product made from cassava root, a starchy root vegetable native to South America. Naturally gluten-free and a good source of fiber, frozen Kassava is a popular choice for those following alternative diets. It undergoes a flash-freezing process to lock in freshness, nutrients, and flavor, making it a perfect pantry staple.

  • Pre-peeled and frozen for quick and easy preparation: Save time in the kitchen! Frozen Kassava eliminates the peeling step, allowing you to whip up delicious meals in minutes.
  • Maintains its fresh taste and texture after thawing: Thanks to flash-freezing, frozen Kassava retains its original taste and texture even after thawing. Enjoy the same delicious flavor and satisfying bite as fresh cassava.
  • Versatile ingredient for various dishes: Frozen Kassava is a culinary chameleon! Enjoy it in french fries, soups, stews, casseroles, and more. Get creative and explore its potential in your favorite recipes.
  • Excellent source of dietary fiber and a good source of energy: Frozen Kassava boasts a good amount of dietary fiber, promoting gut health and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. It’s also a good source of energy, providing a natural boost to power your day.


Horizon Exim Frozen Kassava Product Specification

Attribute Description
Product Name Frozen Kassava
Product Code (To be assigned by Horizon Exim)
Ingredients 100% Cassava
Origin India
Form Frozen
Cut (Specify cut options offered, e.g. Whole, Diced, Grated)
Size (Specify size specifications, e.g. Whole: 4-6 inches long, Diced: 1/2 inch cubes)
Color Light Cream (Natural Color Variations May Occur)
Texture Solid, Slightly Fibrous After Thawing
Flavor Mild, Slightly Sweet
Storage Conditions Store at -18°C or below
Shelf Life 24 months from date of production
Thawing Instructions (Specify recommended thawing instructions)
Cooking Instructions (Specify recommended cooking instructions, e.g. boiling, frying, baking)
Packaging (Specify packaging details, e.g. inner bag, box dimensions)
Net Weight (Specify net weight per package)
Gross Weight (Specify gross weight per package, including packaging)
Minimum Order Quantity (Specify minimum order quantity)